Wheelchair Transportation Services In Los Angeles

At Ride With Us Transportation we pride ourselves on going above and beyond with our wheelchair transportation services in Los Angeles. Ensuring a comfortable, safe, and smooth ride for passengers to and from their destination is our number one priority.

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How Does Wheelchair Transport Work?

Our wheelchair transport for passengers uses highly trained and experienced drivers combined with state-of-the-art non-emergency vehicles. We assist our passengers door-to-door to ensure safe transit. All of our wheelchair transport vehicles come equipped with electrical lifts and ramps to provide easy access for our wheelchair bound passengers.

Affordable Wheelchair Transportation

Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, physical therapy session, or any other non-emergency related trip our passengers require, you can take comfort in knowing loved ones are in good hands and at an affordable cost when it comes to our wheelchair transportation services. Getting necessary transport for passengers shouldn’t be a luxury and at Ride With Us Transportation we want to make sure that we provide accessible wheelchair transport for everyone in need of our services.

Important Aspects Of Wheelchair
Transport Services


AtRide With Us Transportation we take the extra step to provide wheelchair bound passengers with a comfortable experience while under our care. Our state-of-the-art non-emergency vehicles are designed to allow for easy access and to provide the smoothest ride while passengers are on their journey.


Ensuring passenger safety is one of our passions at Ride With Us Transportation. All vehicles are routinely inspected to confirm they are functioning properly. All of our wheelchair transport drivers are highly trained and experienced at providing non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for passengers.


Part of being known as one of the best wheelchair transportation services in LosAngeles is providing reliable and timely assistance. Consistent and proper communication is practiced by our entire staff to all concerned parties in every pickup. This ensures a smooth process the entire time for everyone

What Areas Does Your Wheelchair Transportation In Los Angeles Service?

At Ride With Us Transportation we are proud to provide wheelchair transportation services across Los Angeles county. Our drivers have years of experience navigating every nook and cranny and also have relationships with many of the medical facilities our wheelchair bound passengers require transport to.