Door To Door Medical Transportation In Los Angeles

Our door-to-door transportation services in Los Angeles provide a delicate touch to our passengers that need that extra touch. We go above and beyond to make sure our door-to-door transportation passengers feel safe and secure when under our care.

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How Does Door To Door Transportation Work?

Door to door transportation is for passengers that are physically unable to get to our non-emergency transport vehicles. Our highly trained drivers assist passengers from their homes to our state-of-the-art vehicles safely and securely. No matter our passenger’s needs or physical disability, our drivers and vehicles are equipped to handle the specific situation at hand with love and care. Offering a helping hand for these passengers allows for a smoother service and provides peace of mind for family and friends.

What Does Door To Door Transportation Include?

Our door-to-door transport services in Los Angeles includes a hands-on approach. No matter if passengers are bedridden, physically unable to get to their door, or have poor mobility, our staff will safely transport them to our vehicles and then to their destination. Our door-to-door transport offers a full service pick up and drop off for every passenger to insure every need is met.

Important Aspects Of
Door To Door Transportation


Our door-to-door transport passengers require an additional level of care and service. Providing absolute comfort at every moment is a necessity. This means taking our time with each passenger to patiently transport them from their homes to our vehicles and to their destinations. Their comfort is paramount to their experience, and we hold this as one of our top priorities.


When a loved one is in our care, we want to offer not only door to door transportation services, but also peace of mind that they will enjoy a safe experience. All of our vehicles are routinely inspected and offer state-of-the-art safety measures for a smooth ride. All drivers are also highly trained and experienced to provide any assistance necessary for most all situations.


When a pickup is scheduled, you should not have to worry about them being picked up on time. The last thing you need is to wonder where the driver is. At Ride With Us Transportation we provide consistent and professional communication with all concerned parties to ensure that the passengers whereabouts are known at every step of the way.

What Areas Does Your Door To Door Transportation In Los Angeles Service?

At Ride With Us Transportation we are proud to provide door to door transportation services across Los Angeles county. Our drivers have years of experience navigating every nook and cranny and also have relationships with many of the medical facilities our passengers require transport to.