Our Story

Ride With Us Transportation was inspired by a group of healthcare workers that have a passion for providing excellent care to patients. Our staff members have worked in multiple areas and levels of the healthcare industry and saw the challenges that many families and medical institutions faced when it came to non-emergency medical transportation services.

With those challenges in mind, we decided to create Ride With Us Transportation to provide families and our passengers with a smoother and more reliable service they can count on.

About Our Drivers

Every member of our staff at goes through a thorough and systematic background check as well as follows all Department Of Transportation(DOT) guidelines. Drivers are checked on a routine basis to ensure they remain in complete compliance of all city, state, and federal rules and regulations.

All of our drivers are passionate about providing the best care for our passengers. What does that mean? That means each driver treats their passengers like family to ensure a smooth and safe ride each and every time and to meet all of their needs.

Company Values


We treat those we serve and each other with kindness and compassion. We continue to strive to make our patient's day filled with happiness and optimism.


We believe in maintaining the highest quality of standards when it comes to the safety of our patients and staff to ensure and excellent experience for everyone.


We act and base our decisions to what is ethically correct. We hold ourselves accountable with our behavior.


We continuously look for new and innovative ways to streamline our service and to provide better care and peace of mind for our passengers and their families.