Gurney Transportation Services In Los Angeles

Our gurney transportation services in Los Angeles provide passengers with comfortable, timely, safe, and reliable passage to and from their non-emergency transportation needs like dialysis treatments, doctors appointments, other medical needs, and much more.

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How Does Gurney Transport Work?

Our passengers that require gurney transport require special attention upon pickup and drop off. As veterans in the industry, we understand the gentle touch that is required to safely transport your loved ones with our gurney transportation services.

Loved ones are carefully transferred from their bed to our gurneys by our certified gurney operators and then moved to our gurney transport vehicles. Once we secure the gurneys, our passengers are then driven to their destination where our operators will then responsibly take them into their appointment.

Important Aspects Of Gurney
Transportation Services


Paramount to our passenger’s journey is providing them with comfortable gurney transportation from the moment we pick them up until drop off. We use specialized equipment that is designed specifically with comfort and ease of transport in mind for loved ones to ensure smooth transport when they ride with us.


At Ride With Us Transportation, we understand that safety is a priority when we carry passengers. All our vehicles are routinely inspected to ensure they are functioning properly. Our gurney transport drivers are knowledgeable and trained on all standard practices to protect the patient’s health when under our care.


No one wants to be late for an appointment. That’s why our Ride With UsTransportation drivers practice proper communication with all relative parties on all of our trips. Passengers, loved ones, and concerned parties all receive updates on pick up and drop off to ensure a smooth trip and process the entire time.

What Does Gurney Transportation Include?

Our gurney transportation services in Los Angeles includes:

Passenger pick up and drop off from their bed to their proper location

Reliable communication with all parties when passengers are in our care

Specialized gurney transportation equipment to ensure a smooth ride

What Areas Does Your Gurney Transportation In Los Angeles Service?

At Ride With Us Transportation we are proud to provide gurney transportation services across Los Angeles county. Our drivers have years of experience navigating every nook and cranny and also have relationships with many of the medical facilities our passengers require transport to.